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One of the most regulated and evolved Pharma markets worldwide, the EU has been a veritable learning ground for Torrent. Proven expertise in product development and a strong regulatory knowledge have helped in developing a highly robust product portfolio comprising of different TAs including CNS, CVS and GI among others. Our wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany and UK, spearhead Torrent Pharma’s operations in the EU territory. Both the markets have shown impressive growth over the last 5 years.


Torrent forayed into Germany in 2005 with acquisition of Heumann Pharma Generics, a Pfizer Group Company. Heumann’s broad product portfolio coupled with our low-cost manufacturing facilities provide a good strategic market position to us in one of the biggest pharmaceutical markets in the globe.

Today, Torrent enjoys 5th position in the market and is ranked No. 1 amongst the Indian players in the market.


Ridding on the back of the success in Germany, Torrent ventured into UK, the most mature generics market in Western Europe. With several portfolio acquisition deals, we have built a robust pipeline of products with more than 100 product registrations.

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Torrent entered the Brazilian market about 15 years ago. Currently, it is the 15th company in prescriptions exhibiting the 5th highest growth in branded products amongst the top 50 Pharmaceuticals companies in the Country. Torrent is also the biggest Indian Company in terms of sales in Brazil. Our strong relationship with Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Cardiologists have helped us accomplish the same.

We have 49 products in the market with 17 products in the Cardio Vascular segment, 21 products in CNS segment and 11 products in Oral Anti Diabetic/Obesity (OAD) segment.

In view of the high growth in the pure generic segment, we are building our product portfolio in the CV, CNS, OAD and other therapies. The company has approvals in Brazil for 22 products with 15 more in the pipeline.

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Emerging markets is a mix of regulated and semi regulated markets comprising of Russia, CIS, South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Central and Latin America. Torrent Pharma’s products in the Therapeutic areas of Diabetology, Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System are promoted and supported by our sales and support team of over 450 people.


  • Zimbabwe

    Torrent has the distinction of being one of the foremost Indian Company to get its products registered in this market and is also amongst the leading Indian company in the Zimbabwean market. With a rich portfolio of 30 products and a strong pipeline of 10 products under registration, we are well poised to extract the high potential offered by this market.

  • Kenya

    Kenya being the gateway to East African Markets is a territory of strategic significance for Torrent. Having started our marketing operations in 1994, the past couple of years have witnessed consolidation of the marketing efforts. With 45-product registered and 12 more in the offing, our focus is on brand building.

  • Uganda

    Strategic selection of products encompassing a wide range of therapeutic indications has found profound acceptance by the members of medical fraternity in this country. The aim is to intensify Torrent's focus on Cardio Vascular and CNS products, which has been our forte over the years. Present product portfolio entails an assortment of 33 products with 8 more in pipeline.

  • Nigeria

    Extending its territorial fortification to Western Africa, Torrent made successful forays into Nigeria, which by far is one of the biggest markets in West Africa. Having already secured registrations for a handful of its specialized products, Torrent is all set to explore this attractive market with 30 products in pipeline.

  • South Africa

    Having received SA MCC’s approval for the manufacturing facility of Oral Solids and a couple of product registrations, Torrent’s pathway is open to explore Africa’s sizeable and the most regulated market.


  • Srilanka

    Torrent's consistent sales growth over the past decade displays the confidence of medical fraternity in our brands. With over 55 products in the market and another 15 in the pipeline, we remain committed towards providing a wide range of products to the Sri Lankan market. Torrent is well known in the island for its neuro-psychiatry, cardio vascular and gastro intestinal range.

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam is one of the major market in the South East Asian arena for Torrent. Currently, 55 products are registered and 15 are in pipeline. We started our operations in Vietnam in the year 1996, with representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, the commercial capital of Vietnam.

    Torrent in Vietnam now has a mixed basket of products, with a focus on brand building to ensure long-term business & growth. In continuation of our Indian tradition, Torrent has earned a distinct image for itself in Vietnam in the field of cardiology & neuropsychiatry.

  • Myanmar

    Torrent Pharma initiated the marketing operations in Myanmar in 1995. We have 100 products registered in the country with another 20 in the pipeline. Four distributors across the country distribute our registered products.

    With strong product portfolio in cardiovascular and decent presence in neuropsychiatry, Torrent is poised to create a specialty-focussed platform in the country.

    Our focus is on strengthening the product basket, creating brand equity and launching new molecules in the market.

  • Philippines

    Torrent’s first subsidiary in Asia has been in Philippines considering the marketing opportunities available in this densely populated island nation. Today, Torrent is amongst the top 20 companies in the country and is the No. 1 branded Generic Company in CNS segment.

  • Malaysia

    Laboratories Torrent (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd., a subsidiary of Torrent Pharma in Malaysia, kicked off its operations in March 2012. This further strengthens our presence in the South-East Asian Market. The major focus areas are CNS and CV therapies. Today, Torrent is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.


The Middle East North Africa operations are spread across affluent markets like Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Yemen. We have about 40 registrations in these markets with a strong product portfolio in the pipeline. Torrent Pharma is expanding its operations in the MENA region and we have strategic tie-ups in Jordan, Qatar, Libya and Syria as well.


Torrent Pharma has created a distinct presence in the Pacific region with its subsidiary - Torrent Australasia Pvt Ltd (TAPL). We have received 5 product approvals in the regulated markets of the region.



    Torrent entered Mexico Market in 2010, primarily with CNS products. Today we are the 11th ranked company in the private market wherein we are active and amongst highest growing companies. We have 21 registered products out of which 11 products are being marketed. We have been growing through close relationship with Psychiatrists and Neurologists.

    In addition to continuing the consolidation in CNS segment; we aim to strengthen our business by launching new products in other therapeutic areas as well.

Rest of Latin America & Caribbean markets

Torrent aims to penetrate the Latin American market with its high quality products and extensive product portfolio. Strong economic performance in this region is expected to fuel our growth in the coming years. In addition, recent regulatory developments will create further market opportunities in these countries, particularly for generic producers in both the private and public sectors. With over 50 registrations in pipeline, Torrent is increasing its foothold in important markets like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago

Russia & CIS

Torrent Pharma’s foray into the international markets began with our operations in the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1983. In Russian Federation, Torrent has a wholly owned subsidiary and its own warehouse for closer reach to the customers. Torrent, through its own field force of over 65 sales professionals has strong presence across major cities in Russia.

With over 175 product registrations in Russia and CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan), Torrent has sizeable presence in therapeutic areas of Cardio Vascular, Neurology, Psychiatry & Gastroenterology.