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Information Management ::

This department deals exclusively with Information Services & Management and provides scientific, technical and business information for drug discovery and development.

In increasingly competitive markets, and with global operations, companies only succeed by staying ahead of the competition. The decision to enter to new markets and create new products is critical to the prosperity of business. Top quality information, in the right format and at the right time, is essential for decision making by senior management and for innovative Research and Development. It can help organizations identify real opportunities and reduce unnecessary risks.

Information Management initially started providing information services function to Clinical Research (then Medical Services) and Product Management division of Torrent Pharmaceuticals in early '90s as an isolated group. Later, the group started providing information services to other departments of Torrent Pharma and then converted to a functional department at Torrent R&D Center.

Major functions ::

  • Information Services
  • Information Management Services

Information Services ::

Information Management is providing decision support services to management, all R&D Departments, Domestic & International Marketing, Procurement, Production, Q.A., Finance, and H.R. of Torrent Pharmaceuticals and Group Companies. It is fully equipped for catering to scientific and techno-commercial information with necessary resources. It has a latest collection of 4000+ Books, 140+ Journals, Databases on CDs and other techno-commercial literature together with online access of more than 800 databases worldwide and lnternet facilities. Information Management is gearing up for handling Bioinformatics activities.

Information Management Services ::

Information Management is providing support to all R&D departments for data / records storage (manual / digital) for meaningful search / retrieval as well as providing support for converting Data into Information and Information into Knowledge. It is providing software development support to all R&D departments. Information Management is proud of erecting a modern state of art Campus Network of 225 terminals for our R&D Centre.


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