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Medicinal Chemistry ::

Key Role:

To design and synthesize novel small organic molecules that can be developed further as medicines for unmet medical needs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Strength of 50 skilled medicinal chemists having competence of understanding therapeutic targets and evaluating novelty and patentability of various chemical scaffolds.
  • Designing NCEs based on informative data from structural studies and feedback from computational simulation by employing 3D-pharmacophore, structure based virtual screening and QSAR studies.
  • Synthesizing NCEs with significant potency, selectivity and safety for specific target proteins/receptors in different therapeutic areas and developing structure-activity relationship (SAR) for lead identification.
  • Lead optimization to enhance the ability of NCE to access the therapeutic target in vivo.
  • Dedicated team of chemists for scale-up of selected NCEs as well as their process development.

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