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Pharmacology ::

Key Role:

  • Contribute to selection of therapeutic areas/diseases, based on unmet need.
  • Understand the pathophysiology of the disease process to identify drug targets and develop and validate appropriate clinically relevant ex vivo and in vivo animal models for screening drugs for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, metabolic and renal disorders and pain management.
  • Conduct various pharmacological-experimental studies for lead identification and optimization .

Key Capabilities:
  • Expertise in performing various micro-surgeries and setting up various ex vivo and in vivo rodent and non-rodent models for screening NCEs in the areas of
    • Cardiovascular disorders
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Cerebro-vascular disorders
    • Renal disorders
    • Pain management
    • Battery of general pharmacological screens
  • Knowledge base for
    • Imaging using MRI
    • Study tissue metabolism using MR

Some of the screening models include:

  • Hypertension/Heart Failure models (SHR, SHRsp, ZSF, renal hypertension (RA ligation), DOCA-salt).
  • MI model - LAD Coronary artery ligation in rats.
  • MCAo model of focal cerebral ischemia and endovascular perforation model of SAH.
  • Genetic (ZDF rat) and high fat diet induced model of diabetes and obesity in rodents.
  • Animal models of neuropathic pain - Chronic nerve constriction injury model, Spinal nerve ligation model in rats.
  • 5/6 Nephrectomy model of anemia associated with chronic kidney disease.
  • In vitro/Ex vivo studies in various isolated tissues (G pig trachea, rat ileum, rat uterus isolated perfused heart ) for efficacy/mechanistic studies.


In addition to research, the department is involved with training and academic activities as well. The department has been designated as a Practice School Station for postgraduate students in pharmacology of the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, BIT, Ranchi, University of Lucknow, College of pharmaceutical science, Manipal. The department is a recognized centre for BITS, Pilani for their Ph.D students to carry out their doctoral research work.
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