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Discovery Portfolio ::

Under the discovery program, our R&D Center has discovered some very promising molecules and patent applications for these molecules have been filed in India, under the PCT and the US. As shown in the graphic below, Torrent R&D Center is working on a variety of discovery projects.

Our Advanced Stage Molecules::
AGE Breaker:
AGE (Advanced Glycosylation End-products) breaker compound in Phase-II global clinical trial; has potential in correcting diabetic complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy and heart failure. Phase-I clinical trial was successfully conducted in India and UK. Phase II Clinical Trial has commenced in India, Europe, Russia and Serbia.

T2 Mimetic:
The T2 Mimetic Compound has a potential to emerge as a safer therapy for the treatment of cardio metabolic risk reduction. A part of Phase I clinical trial is over in European Union and another part is over in India



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