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It has been a tradition at Torrent to recognize and reward the employees who have, with their will and determination, displayed an exemplary performance, and in the process helped in the growth of the company. The 'Torrentian Award'is conferred upon two best employees, from across the Group, for their excellent performance in the categories of senior management, junior management and staff respectively. The winners of this prestigious award are selected through an open process, which involves the employees, the senior management and the Board of Directors. The winners of the Torrentain Award are bestowed with a trophy, citation and cash award.

The coveted title is conferred upon the winners on the eve of Founderís Day Celebration. The Founderís Day, celebrated in the month of January, is a tribute to the Founder, Shri U N Mehta. Employees from the Group contribute in this event through live telecast across locations. Every year the theme of the event is based on his philosophy that emphasis on the concern for the society.


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Mr. Dhruv Gulati
Mr. Dhruv Gulati
Mr. Rotash Sharma
Mr. Rotash Sharma


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