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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plant Facility ::

As a backward integration to the Formulation Division, a separate API Plant located in same premises having their own utility and raw material store facilities.

API production plant is divided in two part, Technical plant and Pharma area. Technical plant is provided with once through filtered air while Pharma area is provided with once through filtered air-conditioned air.

Technical Plant is equipped with SS and Glass Lined reactors having capacity 160 Lit. to 5000 Lit., SS and MS Rubber Lined Centrifuges, Tray dryer, Filters etc. There are separate Store Rooms (2 Nos.) for storage of Intermediates, out of which one is airconditioned. In our Pharma area, we have equipments for handling finished product like Tray Dryer, Air Jet Mill, Sifter, Blender, Multi Mill and packing area. Pharma Area is also has separate storage facilities to store materials at different stages.
Department has 5 Nos. 100 Lit. Glass Assemblies to carry out production of API in small batch size. A separate Process Development Lab is available for backup of our production department.

API has separate utility facilities for utility like Steam, Brine, Air, Chilled water, Hot water, Hot Oil and Vacuum and also separate D.G. set to backup with GEB power failure.

There is a separate Raw Material Store for storage of raw materials of API. It has separate Tank Farm area for storing solvents like Methanol, Acetone, IPA, Toluene and also for acids like HCl, Sulphuric and Spent acid and have also separate store for hazardous chemicals.

Under the expansion program, the Pharma Area would be equipped with 3 separate modules where 3 separate products could be processed at the same time maintaining all GMP and FDA norms.

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