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What are the major HR initiatives taken up by the group?
We at Torrent realize the importance each individual holds for us. Hence, the major HR activities taken up by us include the Torrentian awards, through which we recognize exemplary performance by our employees. We also organize a workshop annually for the senior executives of our group. Torrent has a transparent performance evaluation system which examines the performance of each employee annually.

What are training initiatives taken up?
The HR wing of the group is keen on sending employees for trainings held at premier institutes each year. It takes the initiative of sponsoring employees at all levels by nominating the deserving individuals for these training programs. Torrent also sends members of its senior management teams for overseas training.

How are we motivating our field staff?
Apart from the incentives and training programs we initiate for our field staff, there are new ways being introduced in the system to. This includes a new scheme where we encourage a field staff to forward the name a person he considers worthy of recruitment. This adds on to our existing strength of reliable staff.

On what exchanges are Torrent Pharmaceutical's shares being traded?
TPL: Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, BSE, Delhi Stock Exchange, Madras Stock Exchange

Details regarding the dividend pattern across the group?
Torrent Pharmaceuticals, has declared uninterrupted dividend for the past 10 years. In the FY 1999-2000, TPL declared a millennium dividend of 101% for its shareholders.

What are the steps taken by the company as a social contributor to society at large?
Since the initial years Torrent has been award of its responsibility to the society. It has helped through relief work undertaken by its employees, providing medicines and financial support in the wake of emergencies in the state such as earthquakes, sponsorship and contribution promoting sports activities and young achievers. Torrent has provided funds to the Ahmedabad Management Association and reconstructed the Parimal garden.

Enlist few of the compliances we adhere to in our plants?
TPL: The first company among the pharmaceutical companies in India to be certified concurrently for compliance to ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 1996 And OHSAS 18001: 1999

Some of the major successful brands of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited?
Alprax, Dilzem (Diltiazem), Domstal (Domperidone), Droxyl (Cefadroxyl) and Listril (Lisinopril).

What are the recent outsourcing activities of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited with leading international companies?
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has reached an agreement with Novartis Pharma AG, a leading international pharma company, based in Switzerland regarding global rights to its very early stage AGE (Advanced Glycosylation End products) breaker compound. AGE breakers are compounds with potential in the treatment of heart disease and diabetes related vascular complications.

Torrent's expenditure in R&D as a percentage of its sales?
Torrent reiterating its commitment to improving life and alleviating the status of healthcare in the country spends approximately 6-8% of its sales on research activities. Approximately 50% of this amount is spent on activities in the sphere of Novel Drug Delivery Systems and NCE research. Torrent has made Rs. 0.8 billion investment in the state-of-the-art research centre.

What is the domestic marketing network for pharmaceuticals?
Torrent Pharmaceuticals has a wide reach in the entire country, especially in the western region. Its distribution is managed by a strong network of C&F agents, whose efficiency is constantly monitored. Torrent handles its domestic marketing with an experienced and enterprising team of executives and management personnel, whose strategies are enforced by a well trained and dynamic field staff all over the country.




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