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The mantle of service, earlier the prerogative of few, has been extended to a larger part of society, the business community. There has been a call for corporate entities to put in resources and services for the betterment of society. Service to the community through the establishment of facilities, infrastructure and uplift plans for those in need is also an agenda with the corporate of the 21st century. In the course of doing business, corporations are also taking keen interest in implementing their social responsibility. Whether at international, national, regional or local levels their activities and operations are carried out keeping their social responsibility objectives in mind.

Realizing its commitment to society Torrent has been contributing to the goodwill of the community. Torrent has at all times provided dependable products for its customers, as a good reputation is a brand in itself.

In its pursuit to imbibe these values, Torrent aims at becoming a reliable and dependable partner in nation-building, rising to any occasion at times of crisis.

Torrent donated Rs. 1 crore to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to rebuild the lives of Tsunami victims.

Torrent was among the first to rush in aid immediately after the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat. Torrent Power AEC and Torrent Power SEC restored power supply in the region in double quick time. Torrent also helped in the construction of a fully equipped 60-bed hospital in Kutch, the only one of its kind to be fully geared for psychological rehabilitation in the region.

Realizing the need for specialized hospitals, Torrent has established and manages medical institutions such as the U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre.

It contributed substantially to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund during the drought of 2000 in Gujarat.

Reconstructed Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad, from a neglected garden to a haven for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Torrent’s Public Health Awareness Campaign, the first of its kind in the country, received the “Public Service Campaign” award.

Torrent's other significant contributions include establishment and financial support to dispensaries, health foundations, community centers and hostels for meritorious students.



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