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One of the most regulated and evolved worldwide, the EU market has been a veritable learning ground for Torrent Pharma. With a presence spanning for more than a decade, we have adapted and developed along-with the highly dynamic market conditions. Proven expertise in product development and strong regulatory knowledge has helped us in developing a robust product portfolio of EU-GMP dossiers comprising of different TAs including CNS, CVS, and GI among others.

At Torrent Pharma, we have always believed that in a dynamic market, partnership and alliances are of utmost importance. It is because of this philosophy that today we are able to forge very strong tie-ups and partnerships with global leaders like Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca and others.

Marketing footprints of Torrent Pharma can be seen in almost all the EU markets, especially because of our strong and strategic licensing tie-ups with leading national companies along top Pan-European companies like Teva, Mylan, Sandoz, Stada, and Orion among others.

We have strong presence across the continent by the virtue of our wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, UK and Romania and through our offices in Lithuania etc. We have strengthened our presence in Germany with acquisition of Heumann Pharma Generics, a Pfizer group company. Heumann’s product portfolio provides a good strategic market position to Torrent Pharma in one of the biggest pharmaceutical markets in the globe. These subsidiaries have given a very varied exposure, which would be beneficial and will help us in further strengthening our position across EU.

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Contact Person :
Mr Amul Agrawal

Address :
Torrent Pharma GmbH
Südwestpark 50
90449 Nürnberg

Phone : +49 911 4302 970
Fax : +49 911 4302 971

Email :

Address :
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Torrent House
Off Ashram Road
Ahmedabad-380 009

Phone : +91 79 26588491
Fax : +91 79 26574491

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