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Torrent R&D Centre has a team of about 660 scientists who offer dedicated services in the areas of Discovery Research, Generic Drug Development and New Drug Delivery Systems/Value Added Generics thereby transforming discoveries into the highest quality therapeutic products.

Set up at an investment of over US $ 40 million, our R&D Centre conforms to international quality standards and houses advanced and up to date equipment. It has one of the most advanced infrastructures for both basic and applied research.

Discovery ::

Torrent R&D Centre is committed to innovation by discovering novel molecules and formulating unique therapeutic approaches.

Torrent’s Discovery team has 130 highly motivated and trained scientists evenly distributed between Chemistry and Biology. The focus is on understanding the pathophysiology of the target disease and finding ways to modulate the disease process.

The advantages of being housed in the same campus as the Generic Development team are evident from the seamless integration of the discovery team’s efforts into the drug development process needed to ensure smooth transition from the bench to the clinic.

Torrent R&D Centre is working on 6 discovery projects in the areas of diabetes and its related complications, metabolic syndrome, renal disease, neuropathic pain and cardiovascular disorders.

Development ::

With a portfolio of more than 75 products for various markets, the development team has vertically integrated operations for greater control: patent navigation, process development, scaling-up, tech transfer, manufacturing API and finished formulations, registrations and supply chain management.

Torrent’s development arm has dedicated teams of highly qualified scientists working on development and registration of generic products with EU-CTD dossiers.

Our superior performance is reflected by success in managing “day one” launches; development of niche off-patent products with development barriers.

New Drug Delivery Systems/Value Added Generics ::

Torrent R&D Center is capable of developing new dosage forms by leveraging our proprietary technologies such as Dual Retard Inlay Technology, Compact Tablet Technology, Gastro Retentive System and Matrix Based SR/ Modified Release Formulations.

Some of our novel (first time in the world) solutions are Lamotrigine dispersible-OD formulation and Nicorandil OD formulation to name a few.

The Establishment ::

  • Total land area: 125,000 sq mts
  • Built-up area: 41,000 Sq mts
    • Laboratories: 26,000 Sq mts
    • Support services: 15,000 Sq mts

Unique Architectural Feature ::
Our R&D Center is specially designed with passive downdraft evaporative cooling which saves the air-conditioning plant capacity by about 150 T.R.

Goals ::
To develop safe and effective therapeutic options for undiscovered and unmet medical needs.

  • To be the most productive Research and Development Centre.
  • Quality remains an essential attribute in all aspects and activities at Torrent R&D Centre.

Objectives ::

  • To develop capabilities to design and synthesize new chemical entities based on advances in patho-physiology and therapeutic modalities in selected treatment areas.
  • To evaluate their therapeutic and safety profile and guide the lead entities through the process of development to a stage of clinical application.
  • To provide ‘incremental innovation’ for existing products i.e. to look for new indications, to develop innovative, therapeutically beneficial formulations to extend the product life and the market segment.
  • To develop methods of analysis, lay down specifications and work out quality assurance norms in relation to all the above activities and in doing so, to facilitate the process of scaling up from laboratory scale to plant and towards regular production.
  • To assess developments and advances worldwide with a view to licensing in or buying in technologies at an early date and to assimilate and improve upon them for commercial production.
  • To build and maintain a good scientific reputation and provide intellectual stimulation for the Torrent staff through continuous interaction with academia and contribution to science and to inculcate a ‘Scientific Temper’ amongst its technical members.
  • To be conversant with advances in all spheres of healthcare and to evaluate the desirability of venturing into new areas.

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