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Biography - Sudhir Mehta ::

After the demise of his father, late Shri UN Mehta, the responsibility of nurturing the saplings of business initiatives he had sown, came on his elder son's shoulders. The training he got from his father while he was still studying proved advantageous although he was formally inducted into the business in the early 70s.

Born in 1954, Sudhir Mehta believes that "Problems are Opportunities."

He had been a firm pillar of support for Shri UN Mehta at crucial junctures, when the first manufacturing plant was commissioned in Vatva and the first export orders were received by Torrent Pharmaceuticals. With his own brand of dynamism, backed by the experience of his father aiding him, Shri Sudhir Mehta consolidated on the initial success of the Company to lay emphasis on exports. He also initiated the diversification of the Torrent Group into the power sector single handedly.

With his business acumen and foresight, the group grew by leaps and bounds in the power sector after acquiring the ailing Torrent Cables, followed by acquisition of stakes in AEC and SEC, and with the success of GTEC having already been added to it.

He along with his brother Shri Samir Mehta added to the assets of the company by establishing another pharma plant at Chattral and also commissioning a Penicillin G plant.

He took office as the Chairman of the Torrent conglomerate from April, 1998 and has put in concerted efforts for the development and growth of Torrent.

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