Beyond Business

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Think of others also, when you think about yourself”. With this philosophy of Founder Chairman Mr. U. N. Mehta, Torrent makes continuous efforts through its CSR activities to give back to the society, for all the care, healing, support and nurturance being bestowed upon us. Torrent strongly believes that the sustainability of any business is directly related to the well-being and development of the society in which it is embedded.

The main objective of CSR activities at Torrent is to make a difference in the quality of life in the society by serving in the areas of:

  • Community Health care, Sanitation and Hygiene,
  • Education and Knowledge Enhancement,
  • Social Care and Concern

The CSR activities are mainly operational in and around various locations of Torrent. This fulfils the twin objectives of serving the neighbouring communities and involving the collective will & efforts of the individuals of Torrent Family.