A Friendly Environment


The company believes in providing an employee friendly environment to its people. The best minds in the business are nurtured by learning and development initiatives. Various training sessions are arranged for the employees that guide them in steering towards the right path. This not only helps them in their professional growth but also assists them in their personal life.

Keeping well-being and safety of employees in mind, the company offers various facilities like transportation, regular medical check-ups and canteen for them. In line with the gender diversity initiative at Torrent, some of the locations have crèche facilities that enables the women employees to continue with their career along with taking the mantle of motherhood. Flexi-timing facility is also provided to women employees. Steps have been taken to provide a safe working environment for women.

The company motivates individuals to accept increased responsibilities and fosters the spirit of teamwork amongst them. Torrent takes several initiatives to help employees maintain a work life balance, thereby enabling them to excel in every phase of life.

Torrent appreciates talent with zeal and enthusiasm. It believes in maintaining synergy between the wisdom and knowledge of experienced professionals and fresh ideas of young talent. Through the campus recruitment system, the company welcomes graduates from various esteemed institutes of the country.

The company follows best HR practices. Aptitude and intellect development through participating and decision making at all the levels is encouraged at the organization.

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