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As a responsible organization, Torrent Pharmaceuticals consists of people with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our Human Resources are our pride and strength as each member comes from a different upbringing that influences his or her opinions / views, preferences, prejudices, beliefs forming diversity at Torrent Pharma. This diversity is the main reason of our success. We believe in maintaining synergies between the wisdom and knowledge of experienced professionals and the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of young talent. Torrentians are a group of happy people, family oriented, thought leaders, researchers and socially responsible thorough professionals. 

Inspiring work culture, competitive rewards, loyalty, values ingrained by our Founders and a people first approach enables Torrentians to realize and implement their true potential. As a part of Employee recognition, 'The Torrentian Award' felicitates our best employees across the group and recognizes them for their contribution towards the Group. Torrent Pharma strongly believes in the contribution culture and celebrates all employees and their contributions with special events such as Founder's Day, Khel, Mahotsav, Republic Day, Independence Day, Ramzzat where employees across the Group interact, bond and get to know each other better. 

Torrent Pharma is one of the first companies in India to create programs for employees covering wellness, health & safety, governance, education and professional advancement. Our employee appreciation initiatives form The Torrent Way which help maintain a work-life balance and enable Torrentians to live a healthy, holistic and a successful life. To enable employers to sufficiently provide for their employees, Torrent Pharma introduced an employee-friendly loan policy with lower rates of interest as compared to the market and Relocation benefits. Medical Insurance Policy covering parents, Personal Accident Insurance Policy covering family members and financial support in the event of a demise helps our Torrentians during difficult times.

In case when work exigencies demand extra hours at work, employees have the option to avail the compensatory off policy, applicable for both corporate and field staff. An annual health check-up program tailor made based on age and gender ensures the well-being of our employees.

Torrent Pharma believes women are the frontbenchers of change in India. Women carry off their cultural heritage with elegance, and this is reflected in the way a woman manages all spheres of her life including work and home. We often come up with initiatives that helps her in striking the right balance between personal and professional life. Women friendly facilities like crèche, flexi-work timings, restroom, and policies like maternity policy and sexual harassment policy at workplace are introduced to provide maximum care to them. Other initiatives like the “Sangini “Program addresses various women related issues. Special women centric policies have been made taking into consideration their concerns and safety. Detail on the same is as per links below:

Initiatives For Field Staff

Torrent Pharma has designed initiatives to create a work environment that is comfortable and encouraging. We believe that stress free working is the key to job satisfaction and it ultimately leads to success for both, the individual and the organization.

At Torrent Pharma we take the well-being of our Field Staff very seriously and our endeavour is to provide comfort and safety to our representatives. Torrent understands and appreciates the importance of 'Work-Life Balance' and the philosophy of 'Family-First'. Hence initiatives like Residential SPM, 5 Star Training Centre, CUG Scheme, Laptops for ZBMs, Health Check-ups and many more, provide an enriching experience and helps deliver high level of productivity. 

To view our initiatives for Field Staff, please click here.