Torrent Pharmaceuticals

R & D


A Promising Future

Generics & Branded Generics Portfolio

“One Product - One Globe - One Quality”

  • Simple to Complex Oral Solids (Modified Release, Multilayers)
    • Complex Chemistry/Technology based products
    • Differentiated Generics for unmet medical needs
  • Focus on Chronic and Specialty therapies
    • Topicals/Derma
    • Oncology
    • Ophthalmic
  • Line Extension across the globe and FDC for specific therapy areas


  • Key branded markets : India, Latin America, Russia & CIS, ROW markets
  • Generics markets : USA, Europe

Towards our mission of providing not just healthcare but lifecare, we work on a broad portfolio. This encompasses our portfolio of branded generic medicines (small molecules and biologics) which is constantly striving to keep ahead of the game in bringing high quality medicines for patients all over the globe.


Discovery Pipeline

Our new drug discovery approach is based on a strong understanding of disease pathophysiology and applying scientific discoveries to develop new medicines.

NDDS Pipeline

Through innovative drug delivery technologies, our endeavour is to adapt available medicines to these platforms to offer solutions to fulfil unmet patient needs.